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About PetStop

The business was started in 1997 as a mobile shop, delivering around Lochaber.  We opened a temporary shop on site (so we could have our dining room & spare bedroom back!) in April 1998 until we built our current premises in 2002. Back then we thought the store was massive but now we’re always moaning about lack of space!

Owned by Sandy & Linda and run (relatively smoothly, we hope!!) with lots of help from Betty (Linda’s mum), and Alison. Between us we have a good widespread knowledge of most pets & farm animals- Alaskan malamutes, Labradors, cats, fish, guinea pigs, alpacas, llamas, horses, cows & sheep are all part of our extended family! Hobo & Ziggy (our mals) were both show dogs and were very successful in the ring including at crufts. They were also working sled dogs and enjoyed many years competing at Aviemore, which is one of the largest sled dog events in the country with around 500 dogs competing!

The photo above was taken at a much smaller local rally in leanachan forest. As you can see by their smiling faces, they are at their happiest when in harness. This was them at the end of a 10.5 mile trail and they could easily have turned around and done it again (not so sure about Sandy though!). Now, aged 10 and 9, they take life a little easier!

Baloo & Bagheera are our 2 cats – think you’ll be able to tell which is which!   The alpacas are a relatively new addition to our family – Destiny (white), Ozzy (black) and Amber & Barnaby (both brown). In this photo they’ve just been shorn so aren’t looking at their cutest! They are fantastic animals and have a very calming effect which is very handy at the end of a long day!

Gigha, our highland cow, is a feisty lady who’s main love in life is food!   Last but by no means least is Dixie. He’s a connemara/thoroughbred x and has a liking for polo mints which he doesn’t bite but sucks until they are gone!   Ann had a fairly recent sad loss of holly, her german shepherd and now has her coldwater aquarium, several guinea pigs (some 6 week old babies in photo) and a fair selection of wild birds to keep her busy!

Alison has 2 black Labradors, Paddy & Gemma and lots of other animals including llamas, horses, sheep & cows. They do all have names but she’s a farmer so we’ll not insult her by listing them!     IF YOU LIKE ANIMALS, WE’LL LIKE YOU !!


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